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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Manufacturing Exam (MB-320) is aimed at Functional Consultants with skills to analyze and translate business requirements into solutions that meet the client’s needs. The exam validates that the passing candidates have the ability to set up and configure manufacturing, create and manage production and lean orders, and create, process, and manage production batch orders.

Candidates often find this exam extremely hard. But there is no problem that does not have a solution. So, the MB-320 Exam Dumps are the key solution to pass this extremely complex exam. All the relevant topic and life exercises been included in MB-320 Exam Braindumps. 2019 MB-320 Braindumps at Realbraindumps really is the best choice if you are aiming for higher score in first attempt.


A company that produces rubber hose using Discreet orders accounts for raw material scrap after report as finished though inventory movement journals.
The company has noticed that most of the scrap that is recorded is due to start up that feeds the hose to the finishing process. In addition, the amount of scrap that is recorded is consistent regardless of the amount of hose being produced.
You need to account for material lost during startup.
What should you do?
A. Do a case study for the scrap items and enter the average amount of scrap as a separate line items on the Bill of materials.
B. Enter the amount of scrap that is consumed as constant scrap in the Bill of materials.
C. Enter the amount of scrap that is consumed as variable scrap in the Bill of materials.
D. Enter the consumption amount on the line to match the actual amount used.
Answer: A


You have a product that can be manufactured on two different production lines in the same warehouse. You create resources and then create individual input locations for the resources. You create two routes. Each route uses different resources. Materials are staged for consumption in different locations based on the resources being utilized for production.
You need to set up the formula to consume the goods from the correct line-side location. What should you do?
A. Select resource consumption and the operation for each line.
B. Select a warehouse and consumption operation for each line.
C. Select the plan group and consumption operation for each line.
D. Specify a site in the formula header.
Answer: A


A company produces generic and name-brand paper plates in the same factory using standard costing and using the same Bill of materials and routes to produce both products. The finance and production teams want a way to view individual raw material consumption costs in the ledger. You need to add a production group to the finished good to control postings to the ledger. What should you do?
A. Create a production group for the finished good item.
B. Update the cost of the generic finished good item.
C. Create a production pool for the finished good item.
D. Create a new Bill of materials with alternate costs for the raw material.
Answer: C

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