Grandma Rudy

Today was a special day. It was a beautiful Southern California day, probably the best day all year.

Today we said goodbye to our Grandma. I say “our” Grandma, because Rudy was everyone’s Grandma – at least to the people my age. To others she was everyone’s mom, and to others, everyone’s friend.

At least 100 people showed up to pay their respects and celebrate the life of Ruth Green. Friends and family showed up from all over Southern California (inlcuding Catalina Island), New Mexico, Arizona, New Jersey, and of course, her church.

The service was perfect. Pastor Todd did a great job, as well as Glenda, Ron, Kevin, and my Dad – all who gave of their time and talent to honor Rudy.

I put together a little iPhoto slideshow, and spoke, er well – tried to speak. I botched it up a bit but was able to make it through. What I wanted to communicate most was that this life and all its offerings is just a taste of of true goodness & joy. So here’s what I wrote – and I kind of read through it and elaborated with more personal stories of Grandma Rudy:

From the beginning of time, we were created & designed to live in perfection with God, the people he created, and his creation – where there is no death, no pain, no suffering, and no goodbye’s. But we’ve been kind of tricked into believing that this is all there is. We’ve become so attached to this world and it’s offerings, that we think this is as good as it gets…

As good as they are, our experiences here in this life are only a glimpse, a taste, of what is good. The greatest experiences in life; the love of a wife, the care of a mother, the joy of a grandmother, the blessing of a friend – whatever we consider to be the best things in life – pale in comparison to what is to come. And so for a short time we were privileged to know Grandma Rudy – but that was just the beginning, just a taste…

Today we’re confident that Grandma Rudy is experiencing life the way it was intended – and so we celebrate her life here, and her continuing life with her heavenly father in perfection, where she knows no pain, only joy, and the completeness that comes with being reunited with God.

And so we’re going to close this time today by celebrating together the reunion that has taken place – God’s great plan of love & redemption, and the continuing life of Rudy Green…

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the local Elk’s club, where we just reminisced and talked with family and friends. Miles and Macy were able to come and hang out – and they really shined today. There’s something so special about these kids, they just bring so much joy to people. They went around on their own & said hi to everyone and brought smiles to people’s faces. One highlight of the afternoon was just watching them play with their Grandpa Bob (Papa Bob, my dad). He played with them for at least 2 hours straight!

We’re so blessed to have a huge family & we all love each other so much – both my family and Jen’s family. In fact Grandma Rudy was one of my dad’s favorite people. He would always be the first person that I’d call when Rudy would go the hospital – and he always went to visit her. My dad is a pretty special guy & I’m so proud to be his son.

There’s so many stories I could share & people we could thank for today – I won’t because I’ll just forget someone… So, thanks to everyone who came out today & helped make it such a special day. Jen and I can’t say enough to share our gratitude to those who gave selflessly in honor of a woman who gave of herself to others her entire life.