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My buddy Peter sent me this link today. I’ve read it a few times now and so should you.

We, unlike some of them, do not announce a Gospel of prosperity, but Christian realism. We do not announce miracles, as some do, but the sobriety of Christian life. We are convinced that all this sobriety and realism which announce a God Who became man (therefore a profoundly human God a God Who also suffers with us) give meaning to our own suffering. In this way, announcement has a broader horizon and a greater future. We also know that these sects are not very stable. … The announcement of prosperity, of miraculous healing, etc., may do good in the short term, but we soon see that life is difficult, that a human God, a God Who suffers with us, is more convincing, truer, and offers greater help for life.

What a humble & true statement. So many times we make the mistake of making “Christianity” about us – and it is so not. It’s the story of a God who became a man in order to bring man back into relationship with himself, the “us” part plays out that we might worship & enjoy him. I’m gonna try and not ruin the simplicity of that quote by saying any more.

Your thoughts?

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April 20, 2009 • 6:30 pm
Hey Alex. Been RSSing your blog for a while, but this is my first clickthrough 🙂

I appreciate what the Pope has said here, but at the same time…it’s not the whole story of the Gospel.

Just as those who preach an unbalanced everything’s hunky-dory, “your miracle and prosperity will be served at 10.15 at the next counter” brand of Christianity is also unbalanced.

Jesus came for so much more than just to be there in our suffering, He also came to empower us to do greater things than He did on earth. To be His conduit of love.

So in my view, what the Pope has said here is equally unbalanced…it focusses on the realism/sobriety, rather than dreaming/believing/hoping for a changed world that IS possible through total faith.

Not saying it’s easy though.

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April 22, 2009 • 9:43 am
Yeah man I really loved this quote!
I do not find it to be unbalanced as David does. True it reflects more of a Christian realism, which at times can be very refreshing (in certain doses). Yet I feel he still gives merit to the proclamations of prosperity, healings, and empowerment that the Spirit brings.
Therefore I feel he has a very healthy view considering all whom he represents, which to me is very sober society.

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April 22, 2009 • 3:07 pm
And don’t get me wrong – I think Pope Benedict is great. World Youth Day down here in Sydney last year was a powerful gathering and had churches joining together, which thrills my heart.

I know it’s not exactly been a big discussion here Alex (yet?), but I really want to thank you for posting this.

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