Updated HPE6-A41 Exam Questions

Question # 1:
A retail company needs a quick way to deploy network infrastructure to new sites.
Which Aruba solutions provide Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for Aruba Instant APs (IAPs) and ArubaOS switches?
A. Aruba AirWave and Aruba Activate
B. Aruba Meridian and Aruba ALE
C. Aruba AirWave and Aruba Central
D. Aruba Activate and Aruba Meridian
Answer: A

Question # 2:
A Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) fabric currently has two members and two physical 10GbE links in its VSF link.
Which administrative task can a network administrator perform on this VSF fabric when both members are online?
A. Remove a VSF member.
B. Add a new 40GbE link to the VSF link.
C. Remove one of the physical links in the VSF link.
D. Change the VSF link to use 40GbE links instead of 10GbE links.
Answer: A

Question # 3:
A network administrator needs to configure a static route.
What should the administrator use as the next hop address?
A. the lowest IP address on the neighboring router in the path towards its destination
B. the IP address on the local interface that is used to egress traffic towards its destination
C. the IP address of the default gateway in the destination subnet
D. the IP address on the connected interface of a neighboring router in the path towards its destination
Answer: D

Question # 4:
What is a requirement for links to successfully participate in an aggregated link?
A. that links have the spanning tree protocol disabled
B. that links use the same speed and duplex mode
C. that links use the same media type and are untagged
D. that links are untagged and are associated to the same VLAN
Answer: B

Question # 5:
A network administrator wants to pre-configure new MSTP region settings on ArubaOS switches, and then apply the new settings at a later time. How can the administrator pre-configure the settings?
A. Change the MSTP region name after the new settings are configured.
B. Create a second spanning tree region on the switch and apply the settings to this region.
C. Use the pending option in the spanning-tree commands.
D. Change the MSTP region revision number after the new settings are configured.
Answer: C

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